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We at Young & Grant are specialist cloud integrators.

There is no doubt the cloud has dramatically improved accessing information and allowing businesses to have their financials in real time. We at Young & Grant are specialist cloud integrators. We support our clients to help them move to the cloud and streamline their business processes.

At Young & Grant, whilst we embrace any cloud integration as we know that the cloud is the future – we are a Gold Partner at Xero and recommend XERO accounting software to our clients.


Over 1 million Australian businesses cannot be wrong. Xero is transforming the way small and medium businesses function and our team is leading the country in showing them how. Anywhere / anytime accessibility to key transactional tasks creates benefits that are obvious and incredible.

Core Services Include:

Far more than 1 million businesses across Australia have moved their accounts to the Xero platform and that number is growing every single day. The reason can be found in this simple sentence – ‘Xero, the world’s easiest accounting system.’ People like easy, and why shouldn’t they. ‘Easy’ means faster and faster means more efficient.

Below you’ll find a video that will introduce you to Xero and probably leave you wanting more. Right here, you can read the top reasons why Xero will be so very good for your business and why Young & Grant Bookkeeping use Xero accounting software

Why we love and recommend Xero!

Xero’s brilliant ‘easy’ comes from its genius level of simplicity. So many things happen with one click. It is so fast and easy to keep your accounts accurate and up to date. Automatic importing of bank statements make it effortless to enter your data and the intuitive bank reconciliation means Xero will find the best match to code your accounts.

Flexible Invoicing

Give yourself a single view of when and where your money is coming from. Xero lets you create, send, receive and report on your invoices all from one place.

Get Access Anywhere Anytime

Yes, you really can access your accounts and run your business from anywhere in the world. And the people you trust can log in and view your accounts to provide valuable advice in real time. There’s no need to email files and create duplicates of your most important financial data.

Real Time Reporting

Xero’s report centre gives you the ability to generate interactive reports in real time, from anywhere. Your financial advisor can do these tasks for you too.

Real Time Dashboard

This is the screen you’ll look at the most, by far. Your Xero dashboard gives a real time overview of your business and a snapshot of all your transactions. There’s very few people or companies in Australia who have been working with Xero for as long as we have. There’s none as well equipped to introducing your business to the benefits of this amazing platform.


Help from Xero is fantastic. No phone calls, logging a call etc. You can search the help area with ease, and if you can’t find what you need you contact Xero support and they get back to you swiftly eliminating downtime.

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