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We provide a wide range of service offerings

Accounting and Tax

It’s the foundation of what we do and we are committed to getting the financial accounts and tax returns done efficiently and to the highest quality.

Tax planning and strategy

Taxation can be the biggest financial burden facing small business every day. We aim to touch base with EVERY client before the 30th June to make sure they know their tax position, and outline the most effective strategies to reduce their tax bills and align with their own long term strategies

Business systems & cloud integration

Our team are trained and ready to assist your business in moving to the cloud, train your team and provide ongoing support as long as you need itIf you are already in the cloud we can help you fine tune your systems, evaluate appropriate add-ons and streamline your business processes

Virtual CFO

Can’t afford a fulltime CFO? No problem, we offer a virtual CEO service to suit our clients’ unique requirements.

General Business Advisory

We love working with clients on their specific needs, from margins, cashflow, stock levels, staff levels, general processes we can help our clients to achieve greater financial success in their business and personally

Business Plans

What is your 5 year business plan? What do you envision your turnover to be? How many team members?, same premises? Interstate offices? These are all questions that we can explore together when we collaborate to establish your own 5 year plan. It doesn’t have to be a thick manual of words – it can be a single page that succinctly encapsulates your business goals

Profit & Loss Forecasting

So many of us running our businesses are too busy to take a step out of the business and look at our own business. At Young & Grant we practice what we preach. The partners take 1-2 days out of the office a year and work on the next year forecast, look at our projections and analyse the business as a whole. We then have the basis of our monthly meetings where we can track actual vs budget results. Our clients that also do this have noticed a huge difference in their business results and with our help are across all the numbers so they can make informed decisions.

Business Structure

Trusts, Companies, Partnership, Sole Trader, so many variations on these structures that each have their own benefits and limitations. Our experience spans businesses of any size, structure from sole trader to listed companies and everything in between!We work with clients starting out in business on selecting the right structure for their needs. We take the time to educate clients so they are making an informed decision on the perfect structure for themAlready in business and outgrown the existing structure? It doesn’t mean we can’t review and make changes so the structure is sound for your ongoing business requirements.

Succession Planning

The final phase of your business life can be the hardest. The phase “rome wasn’t built in a day” is well suited to the succession process. This can often be a process of 2-3 years before the succession, and can be made more complex by the overlap between business and family that many small businesses face. We can work with you on your options, setting up your business for sale or building the skillset of the next generation, whatever is appropriate for your business. We will also be by your side to take the taxation consequences into consideration, the last thing any of us want is losing more money to the tax office than we need to!

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